The FedEx API changed, what now?

At least they were kind enough to admit it: "We borked it." Well, it's never a good Tuesday when the world's largest logistics company goes and changes their API without warning. Even worse when your ecommerce platform has the API endpoint hardcoded. That's precisely what happened this past Tuesday. Amid… »

Prototype.js for jQuery Afficionados

"Aficionado" has multiple accepted spellings. I used the less-popular one (with two f's) in a tip-of-the-hat to the less-popular Prototype.js javascript framework (or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Do you know and love jQuery but find yourself bewildered by Prototype.js when developing Magento… »

How did I get here?

I had dinner with a cousin of mine a few weeks ago. I haven't seen her or her husband since their wedding in 1991. I was 10 or so at the time and so I have no real solid memories of them. When talking to them it was amazing to… »

The most misunderstood concept in Magento

Blocks. I don't know why - people just keep misusing (or in some cases not using at all) blocks in Magento. A recently published article from Magento ECG lists 2 of the top 5 antipatterns as misuses of Mage::getModel. I see this most often happening inside template files. I've… »

Rewarding the Community

As you probably know by now I do a lot of work on Magento. I'm only successful, however, because I stand on the shoulders of giants. So I want to issue a challenge to the Magento community to give a big [insert your holiday of choice] gift to two of… »

Magento 2 is coming, and fast.

Magento have ramped up development on Magento 2 and have been dropping new code from their weekly sprints over on Github since October. The team is hard at work and is currently taking community feedback. Magento renewed their commitment to the developer community yesterday by giving the entire dev community… »