NomadMage - now FREE* to all Commerce Heroes!

We announced it earlier today, and I couldn't be more excited, but NomadMage is now free (for 90 days, anyway) to all Commerce Heroes!!!

Earlier this year Kalen Jordan of MageTalk and MageMail fame created Commerce Hero ( where the best and the brightest in the Magento community could have a place to show off their work and their qualifications - all with a focus around connecting the supply of an available workforce to the demand of merchants who need their expertise!

Kalen has been working tirelessly for months to build this community and they're growing in numbers. In the past 90 days he has attracted the talent of over 300 Magento developers worldwide.

We over here at NomadMage have recognized that this is a community effort that has real value in the Magento space so we have partnered with Commerce Hero to help bring world-class Magento training to all Heroes, everywhere.

How it works

If you're brand new to Commerce Hero, or you have yet to sign up, hit this link:

From there you can sign up for Commerce Hero. *Complete your profile to 100% *by entering your work experience, some projects, and tag yourself with some relevant expertise.

Once you're at 100% you should receive a welcome email that will point you over to NomadMage to sign up for our 90 day free trial.

This is available for all Commerce Heroes!

This trial is free, as in beer, but it does require a credit card to start your subscription. We promise not to charge you for 90 days and you'll be automatically added to our monthly meetings for NomadMage. And now is the time, because in the next 90 days we have 3 of the best speakers in the Magento Community including:

Don't wait

This is a limited-time offer. We're doing this not to make money (because honestly we could wind up making no money) but because we believe in the Commerce Hero mission and we want all developers everywhere to get ahold of this training.

The content is too good to miss - trust me you need this!

Don't wait - sign up today

* Limited time offer which may be canceled at any time. Free trial is for 90 days from the start of a NomadMage subscription. Cancel at any time. Credit card required at time of subscription. Requires 100% profile completion on Commerce Hero to qualify.

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